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    • Have you ever thought of making your own pizza? Yeah, of course you have. We all have! The only problem is actually making the pizza. Not all of us are good at cooking. I, in an attempt to make the best pizza in the world, forgot to put the pizza on a tray before shoving it into the oven. My “work of art” just fell on the bottom of the oven. Since then I exclusively order my pizza. But one of these past days I decided to try again. While I was searching on the web how to make your own pizza, I came across a really cool online game called Papa’s Pizzeria. I said that I should give it a try and I was not disappointed by the experience! The first thing that hit me while the game started was the fact that this game had a little story line going on. I played other similar games that just threw you into the game, gave you some info about what happened and that’s about it (yes, Hot Dog Bush, I’m talking about you). So, it turns out that you are some guy who works at a pizzeria owned by Papa Louie, a guy that makes me think of a retired Mario. Anyway, Papa Louie just decides to split town and leaves you a note that you should run the place while he’s gone. I think that this is every pizza boy’s nightmare or dream. Such an experience can either make you or break you, but our lead character manages to run things smoothly! When the game starts, you’ll go through a tutorial customer. Some guy will come and order a pizza. You will take notes on how he wants his pizza done. He will tell you what and how many ingredients he wants on his pie, where he wants them placed, how long should his pizza stay in the oven, and how to slice it afterwards. Piece of cake! It will take you about 3 minutes to get accustomed with this game. After this level, you will get multiple customers at the same time. The best strategy (or at least my strategy) is to take all their orders and let them wait. You will have to work and the pizza that requires the longest oven time. Then you should start working on the other pizza’s as well and shove them into the oven. There are four places in the oven and this will save you a lot of time in completing the other pies. You will be able to deliver them faster, the clients will be more satisfied with your service and your tips will be greater! All in all, this is a great game to play if you want to kill an afternoon. The game will get harder and harder (more clients at a time who want more from their pizza) so you won’t get bored that easily. You can even check your high scores against other players and try to beat them. I think I’ll go for another level, right after I’ll finish the last slice of my quattro formaggi pizza.

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